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Innovating Every Step of The Procedure

The Complete Stroke System

We know that time is brain. That’s why we engineered the Zoom Stroke Solution as a complete system — from access through reperfusion — for fast and effective clot removal in a wide range of vessels.
4 vessel-matched aspiration catheters
.088" intracranial access catheters
-29.5 inHg vacuum pump
Sterile field clot capture
Zoom Intracranial Access System
Get closer to the clot with .088" intracranial access.
Zoom Aspiration Catheters
Vessel-matched aspiration with the angled TRX™ Tip.
Zoom POD and Zoom Pump
Sterile field clot capture powered by the deepest vacuum.
Watch the Zoom Stroke Solution in Action

Real-World Zoom Stroke Solution Cases

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