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Heading with Shape Elevating patient care

Accelerating the development of life-changing technologies to bring more care to more patients suffering from stroke and other devastating vascular diseases.


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Shape Thumb Our Areas Of focus

Imperative Care is addressing gaps across the entire patient journey — from detection through recovery — to elevate care for patients suffering from stroke and other devastating vascular diseases.


Our Stroke business delivers life-saving interventional solutions for patients with ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke for the best chance of a full recovery.

Our Vascular business (formerly TRUVIC Medical) advances innovative treatments for people suffering from devastating vascular diseases, including pulmonary embolism.

Kandu Health is a digital health company that delivers tech-enabled healthcare services to stroke survivors and care partners, supporting a safe and successful transition home after hospital discharge.

Telos Health is focused on developing advanced technologies to expand physicians’ ability to bring life-saving thrombectomies to more patients globally.

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Innovating across the entire patient experience

Our vision is grander than a singular technology solution. By bringing together dedicated businesses — each focused on addressing a specific gap in the care continuum — under one collective vision, we are better positioned to expand and improve patient care.
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Shape Thumb a future built on innovation

We know that the future is dependent on the innovations we invest in today.


Our Core Tenets

Rapid Innovation
Physician Partnership
Clinical Data

Culture of Rapid Innovation

Without compromising quality, we move swiftly through our development cycle, putting emphasis on testing, clinical evidence, and physician feedback. This strategic agility enables us to react quickly to the needs of physicians and their patients.


Commitment to Physician Partnership

Our physician-driven approach to innovation puts the needs, perspectives and ideas of front-line doctors at the center of our research and development process.


Focus on Clinical Data

From our large, prospective, multicenter Imperative Trial to smaller, single-center studies, we are committed to validating our technologies and solutions with robust clinical data.


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Fred Khosravi
Chairman and CEO
Chuck Alpuche
Matthew C. Garrett
Daniel Davis
Yi Yang
Carole Roth
Scott Elliott
Nora Hadding
EVP, Regulations and Compliance
Peter Griffin
SVP, Operations
Ariel Sutton
GM, Stroke
Richard Leparmentier
GM, Robotics
Kirsten Carroll
CEO, Kandu Health
Kirsten Carroll
CEO, Kandu Health

Serving stroke survivors has been Kirsten’s life work. She has over 20 years of experience in stroke product development, clinical research, marketing, strategy and business development. Kirsten earned a B.Sc. in biomedical engineering from Yale University and an MBA and MPH from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.