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Aim for TICI 3 in 10 minutes.

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4 vessel-matched aspiration catheters

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.088” intracranial access catheter

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-29.5 inHg vacuum pump

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Zoom 88

Reach higher than ever before with Zoom™ 88 Icon Triangle

The Zoom 88 Large Distal Platform is the first stroke-specific .088” access catheter designed to get closer to clot.

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Minimizes distance to retrieve clot

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Supports delivery of aspiration catheters

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Flow control with .088” distal access

Get to a position of advantage

Consistently reaching intracranial anatomy, Zoom 88 minimizes the distance to retrieve the clot, while providing flow control with an outer diameter closely matched to the vessel size.

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Zoom Aspiration

Zoom Aspiration: Because one size doesn’t fit all Icon Triangle

With the goal of TICI 3 in 10 minutes, Zoom Aspiration Catheters are designed for optimized clot engagement, effortless navigation and uncompromised structural integrity.

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Zoom 71: Largest tip surface area on the market with TRX Tip

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Zoom 55 / Zoom 45: Effortless navigation for medium vessel occlusions

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Zoom 35: Excellent support and trackability for distal small vessel occlusions

4 vessel-matched sizes

Zoom Aspiration Catheters include the Zoom 71, Zoom 55, Zoom 45 and Zoom 35, and have been specifically designed for fast and effective clot ingestion across a range of vessels.

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Zoom pump

Get unparalleled power with the Zoom Pump Icon Triangle

Maximize your opportunity for complete clot ingestion with the most powerful aspiration pump available — capable of providing -29.5 inHg vacuum with continuous power.

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The TRX Tip Factor

Dr. Imran Chaudry showcases the benefits of the unique TRX Tip as published in JNIS and the impact it has had on his practice. 13 minute video

TICI 3 in 7 Minutes

See the Zoom Stroke Solution treat a distal M1 occlusion with a calcified carotid siphon.

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