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Paradigm Shift for Distal Vessel Occlusions

Hear Dr. Justin Singer speak on how his approach to distal vessel occlusions has changed with Zoom 45 and Zoom 55. 10 minute video

Position of Advantage

Hear Dr. Raul Nogueira talk about what it means to have an access catheter with an outer diameter closely matched to the vessel size. 9 minute video

Benefits of the TRX Tip

Read how the TRX factor demonstrates greater clot engagement and TICI 2C or better recanalization rates compared to flat-tip catheters. 12 minute read

The TRX Tip Factor

Hear Dr. Imran Chaudry showcase the benefits of the unique TRX Tip as published in JNIS and the impact it has had on his practice. 13 minute video

Zoom Cases

Stay two steps ahead of the latest stroke treatment innovation.

Case 1
Case 2

TICI 3 in 7 Minutes

  • Distal M1 occlusion with a calcified carotid siphon
  • Zoom 88 support proximal to the calcification
  • Aspiration with the Zoom 71 after navigating over the Zoom 35

Medium Vessel Occlusion

Watch the Zoom Stroke Solution work as a complete system

  • Zoom 88 for distal intracranial access
  • Zoom 55 navigated over Zoom 35 to the face of the clot
  • TICI 3 recanalization


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Deliver More with TracStar LDP

Dr. Alexander Coon demonstrates using TracStar LDP for flow diversion and why he believes it should be a tool in the toolbox of every neurointerventionalist. 14 minute video

Higher Access, Lower Costs

Dr. Shahid Nimjee shows how TracStar LDP generated a cost reduction for his institution in a ten case series. 12 minute video

TracStar Cases

Deliver more with a single catheter.

Case 1
Case 2
Case 3

Enhancing Flow Diverter Delivery

  • Giant cavernous ICA aneurysm treated with flow diversion using Surpass Streamline® flow diverter
  • TracStar LDP enhances flow diverter delivery with greater stability and control

Surpass Streamline® is a registered trademark of Stryker Corporation which does not sponsor or endorse the products of Imperative Care, Inc.

Overcoming Challenging Anatomy

  • Intracranial atherosclerosis at MCA
  • TracStar LDP navigates challenging, severe cervical tortuosity for intracranial stent delivery

Venous Sinus Access

  • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) due to venous sinus stenosis
  • Venous sinus access requires challenging treatment pathway
  • TracStar LDP navigates to transverse sinus providing .088” access for treatment

Imperative Care

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Building a Stroke Company

In conversation with Anne Staylor at SmartTrak, Founder and CEO Fred Khosravi discusses Imperative Care’s vision to answer unsolved problems in stroke.

48 minute podcast


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Imperative Care is dedicated to the continued generation of robust clinical research evidence in support of better care for stroke patients.

We believe that the current evidence, as well as the anticipated future studies we are planning, will assist physicians in selecting the most appropriate treatment for their patients.

Today, we are working to expand the current body of clinical publications by initiating the following studies:

  • Sponsor clinical trials for new indications under an Investigational Device Exception approved by FDA
  • Support investigator-initiated trials on specific aspects of mechanical thrombectomy procedures

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